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How To Solve The Discoloration Of Wooden Floor

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Causes of floor discoloration

Some consumers may find themselves discolored on the floor of their homes in daily life. In fact, they are caused by improper daily maintenance of wooden floors. The reasons for the discoloration of wooden floors are actually divided into many types. So we often use the wood plastic floor for indoor  and outdoor decoration,such as wood plastic fence,wood plastic floor,wood plastic wall panel and so on. But also some of people still choose the wood floor. The following are the common situations that cause floor discoloration.

First, natural color change

Photochromic is the characteristic of the wooden floor itself, so the wood floor will show a color change reaction with the passage of time and the strength of light, such color change is a normal phenomenon and the general performance isn’t obvious. The solution is not to expose the wooden floor to sunlight. If you can’t avoid it, you need to take the necessary protection measures against the sun.

Second, bacteria caused discoloration

The discoloration of wood floor caused by fungi can be divided into two kinds. One is caused by discoloration bacteria. The other is caused by fungi. The reason is due to the improper maintenance of wooden floors in daily life, resulting in water content of wood flooring, excessive moisture content of wood keel, or excessive humidity on the surface of the floor, causing the decay of fungi to cause decay.

Fourth, paint wear caused by discoloration

This kind of discoloration of the floor is mainly concentrated on the solid wood floor. The paint on the surface of the solid wood floor will gradually lose its luster due to wear and tear. The solution to this discoloration is to perform regular maintenance, which is why solid wood flooring needs to be waxed and oiled.

To sum up, in fact, if you want wood flooring does not produce a color change reaction, only two points need attention, the first point is to do a good job of daily maintenance, the second point is to buy a good quality wood flooring and shop Loading accessories.

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