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Why WPC Called The “Hot” Market

Friday, March 16, 2018

why-wpc-called-the-hot-marketLocal decorative wood plastic materials in the decorative effect of prominent local has been increasingly loved by consumers, coupled with the relatively high cultural value of product style, but also enrich and enhance the brand’s content and height of enrichment, so these products will Continued popularity.


WPC is a modified thermoplastic material filled with wood fiber or plant fiber, which has the advantages of cost and performance of wood plastic. It is extruded or pressed into profiles, plates or other products to replace wood and plastic. Wood fiber plastic compound research has been more than 80 years of history, but has been unable to industrialization, only about 15 years ago, a small amount for low value sound-absorbing products. As the concept of environmental protection to strengthen the construction industry began looking for alternative materials like wood (non-corrosive, non-warping, easy maintenance, the appearance of wood and similar), while South Korea and Japan’s paper and wood processing plants to find sawdust, scrap Sawdust and other applications. These are to promote and accelerate the wood plastic  research and application development. It is one of the most active fields in the extrusion industry to process the wood flour filler compound into the architectural and structural profiles, and new developments and applications are also emerging. Many countries put their efforts to accelerate the development and application of the pace, especially the production of profiles, is called a “hot” market.

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