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How To Adjust Wood Plastic Fence

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

how-to-adjust-wood-plastic-fenceHow to adjust the wood plastic fence in a right way

Do you know how to adjust the wood plastic fence? With its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and green, wood plastic products have consistently emerged in various building materials. In particular, wood plastic fences are suitable for outdoor use, with good anti-corrosion performance and long service life. Did everyone encounter the need to adjust the fence during the use of wood plastic fences? If so then how to adjust it? In response to these problems, the following details for everyone on the regulation of wood plastic fence:

1.First of all need to wet the wood plastic fence fixed mold, this part of the requirements will be relatively high. Therefore, if the foundation is not played well, the back will also have an impact, this time for the wood plastic fence qualitative board need to be chamfered and ensure the linearity of each board.

2.The second is the stereotypes model of wood plastic fence: There are a lot of points to note here, we must ensure that the size of the mold is consistent, but also to ensure that the height of the mold is the same, otherwise there will be deviations and errors.

3.The third is abbreviation extrusion head: extrusion head gap error can’t exceed two wires, this part is very important, the error is too much too obvious.

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