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How To Care For Wood Plastic Floor In The Rainy Season

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Why we want wood plastic floor with waterproof

During the rainy season, many family’s wooden floors suffered a lot due to the resurgence of weather formerly. But now many families have installed wood plastic floor. Wood plastic floor has both the strengths of both wood and plastic. The wood plastic floor also has a certain influence on the dryness and humidity of the air and changes in the environment. How to deal with the rainy weather properly in wood floor care?

How to design wood plastic floor

Why does the wood plastic floor arch? Although the wood plastic floor isn’t easy to deform, it also follows the effect of thermal expansion and contraction, but the strength is small. However, for outdoor or home use, excessive water in the floor area will cause the expansion of the wood plastic floor and eventually it can only be arched. Another reason is that when the wood plastic floor is laid, the paving is too tight. After all, the correct approach is to lay a gap of 2cm in the place where it is placed against the wall when laying wood plastic floor.

How to use wood plastic floor in rainy season

In the rainy season or during rejuvenating weather, it is best not to open the window. If necessary, you can turn on the air conditioning or dehumidification equipment to reduce the moisture in the indoor air. Or in the time of arching, the wood plastic floor of the arch circle is temporarily picked up temporarily. Then one or two floors are looked for and a small strip is cut off. This will also improve the situation due to moisture. In our daily life, near the plum rain season can be appropriate for some of the wood plastic floor care, such as oiling the floor, waxing and etc. By doing this, it can effectively prevent cracks in the wood plastic floor and also be isolated from the water.

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