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How To Maintain Wooden Wax Oil Furniture

Thursday, April 12, 2018


From the time of the Qing Ming Festival to the rainy season, it is always accompanied by intermittent rainfall. The damp home environment is annoying and the furniture is also vulnerable due to the weather. Wet and dry, is a natural property of wood. When the damp wood furniture surface easily appear a lot of water droplets, wipe clean and over time, the furniture surface began to fall off, white, and even the wooden door will burst deformation. To deal with this, we often use wood plastic products such as wood plastic fence,wood plastic wall panel,wood plastic floor and so on. So how do you maintain wooden wax oil furniture during this period?

1.Intermittent window ventilation

After the Qing Ming period, the air is sometimes very humid, so it isn’t suitable for ventilation. The ventilation should be intermittent. When the weather is fine, open the doors and windows to speed up the evaporation and drying of the indoor water; when it is rainy, after the rain or at noon, it isn’t advisable to open the window when the humidity is high to prevent the moisture from entering the room.

2.Pay attention to the position of the furniture

Furniture moisture protection, to ensure that the surrounding environment of solid wood furniture, dry, ventilated, breathable while allowing solid wood furniture against the wall to maintain a 1 cm gap. In particular, wardrobes that are often closed cannot be ventilated and ventilated. Open the door frequently. If the furniture is damp, it should be placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally and it mustn’t be exposed to the sun or baked with a strong heat source.

3.Use dehumidification items

The room is damp and desiccant and activated carbon can be used in addition to the desiccant. You can also use lime and bamboo charcoal to make economical and practical desiccant. It can be placed in wardrobes, wardrobes, TV cabinets and other sealed furniture. It can not only dehumidify but also remove odors, add aroma, and prevent mosquitoes. .

4.Do a good job of cleaning and maintenance

Fine wiping, careful maintenance, is also the way we communicate with furniture. In the face of unavoidable climate change, wood wax oil furniture, which has been regularly maintained and also has stronger resistance. It will be shiny and won’t vacuum on the surface which can make it easier to clean.

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