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Manufacturing Process Of Wood Plastic Materials

Friday, April 13, 2018

manufacturing process of wood plastic materials

The main natural fibers of wood plastic materials are scraps and wastes from agricultural and forestry processing such as wood flour, rice hulls, peanut hulls, and straw.The following is a professional wood plastic manufacturer for everyone, introduce the manufacturing process of wood plastic materials.

Rice husk has higher cellulose content than wood flour, and the moisture and lignin content is also lower than wood flour. the chemical composition is not as large as that of the wood flour due to its origin and tree species, so the quality is relatively stable. It is more important to consider factors such as the aspect ratio, orientation degree, content and anisotropy of wood flour fibers. In order for the powdery fiber to provide a similar reinforcing effect to the long fiber, the fineness, length-to-diameter ratio and content of the wood flour or rice hull flour are subjected to a series of controlled matching. the study found that the use of wood flour and chaff, fiber length bimodal distribution method, the fiber length to provide strength, short improvement of processing performance and surface finish methods, effectively solve the long fiber content is high when the degree of orientation is short , A pair of contradictions with poor surface finish, difficult processing, short brittleness, and low strength.

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