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Teak Or Walnut

Monday, April 16, 2018 solid wood furniture, I believe we should not be unfamiliar with it, but we know that there are many types of solid wood furniture, so we have to understand when shopping for what kind of solid wood furniture will be better, then teak and walnut wood is A more common kind of solid wood furniture, then the following for everyone to introduce teak and walnut which is better?

About teak:

As the king of Wan Mu, teak wood furniture won’t have too few merits:

1.Its teak expansion and contraction is one of the less in the wood. It can resist the erosion of land and sea animals and will not corrode iron. Because of its low shrinkage rate, it is not easy to leak water.

2.The color of teak furniture is golden yellow through photosynthesis oxidation, and the color will be more beautiful with the extension of time.

3.Teak furniture is very stable and durable, texture is very good and the teak has a good weather resistance

4.Teak is not easily deformed, corroded and cracked in various environments.

5.The texture is meticulous and beautiful: beautiful ink line, gorgeous oil shadow, the overall decoration after the formation of a variety of natural textures. High oil content, the much smooth surface and reduce the wet phenomenon.

The merits of teak furniture:

1.The price is relatively high

2.Teak furniture is relatively small, the market is difficult to buy

The merits of walnut furniture:

1.The walnut color is elegant, the wood grain is delicate and unique, clear and charming, and the furniture produced is elegant and generous;

2.The sweat rate of walnut is low, and the shrinkage and swelling of wood will not have a major impact on walnut furniture.

3.Walnut furniture is not easy to crack, deformation and so on.

4.Strong hot pressure; strong durability; heartwood has strong anti-corruption ability.

Demerits of walnut furniture:

1.Walnut furniture is expensive and it is difficult for ordinary families to afford it;

2.Walnut wood is not as dense as mahogany, and its compressive and bending resistance is only moderate;

3.The exposed parts of walnut furniture need to be well protected to prevent damage. Thw sapwood is easy to be destroyed by whitefly; anti-bending and medium compression and poor toughness.

All in all,our wood plastic products has the merits of both teak and walnut,such as wood plastic fence,wood plastic wall panel, wood plastic floor and so on in any aspects.

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