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What Kind Of Floor Is Suitable To Install Floor-Heating

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


How to choose right floor for floor-heating

Nowadays, there are also many families that install warm floors. For many families that use land for warm heating, it is quite important and difficult to purchase the most suitable floor. There is a wide and various floor markets, especially for people with selective difficulties which is a very tangled thing. Heating in the warm winter season will generate a certain amount of heat, so it is so vital to choose a suitable and healthy floor. Here’s to learn more about what kind of floor to choose to warm it.

1.Environmental protection: In view of the fact that the floor heating will generate a certain amount of electric heat when heating, it must be possible to choose a safe and eco-friendly floor with low formaldehyde content. A lot of solid wood flooring in order to make the product look good, shiny will generally paint on the exterior, and there will be hot rising and shrinking, long-term use of warm home installed solid wood floor is clearly not a good choice. The wood plastic floor is a composite material of wood and plastic fiber, so it doesn’t contain any harmful substances. The content of benzene is only 0.2 which is the top European environmental protection standard.

2.Compact profiles: Only select the relatively dense floor of the floor substrate, in order to ensure long-term deformation will not be cracked at high temperatures will not crack, and the wood plastic floor thermal expansion coefficient is lower than solid wood flooring, and when installed can also be slightly avoid.

3.Long-term doesn’t fade: warm and long life, the family will certainly not live for a few years to think about replacing the floor or the floor color doesn’t look good. Therefore, we must choose a long time under high temperature conditions will not fade, rough light floor, obviously solid wood flooring doesn’t meet but the wood plastic floor color is its own, long-term use will not fade in any conditions.

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