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Wood Plastic Floor Acceptance Method

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

wood-plastic-floor-acceptance-methodThe acceptance of wood plastic floor is an important link in the acceptance of housing renovation, so consumers should carefully check the quality of wood plastic floor decoration and do a good job of acceptance. The following teach you the method of wood plastic floor inspection.

First, whether the floor surface has blinks, cracks or scratches

Commonly due to the untreated keel, there are locusts inside. When it was found that there was a blink, the floor was already almost cracked. The gaps and scratches were known at a glance. The code stipulates that the gap in the wood plastic floor should not be greater than 0.5 mm. This scratch is mainly caused by rough decoration and if they cannot be repaired by waxing, they must be exchanged.

Second, the wood plastic floor color is the same

If the color difference is too large, directly affect the appearance, you can ask for exchange; if the color is too consistent, almost no color, it depends on the floor surface pattern is the same. If the pattern is almost the same, it may be craft plastic floor rather than the so-called precious wood species material floor.

Third, whether the sound of wood plastic floor is slight

When walking on the floor during inspection and acceptance, the footsteps must be increased. In particular, the parts that are close to the wall and the door hole must be checked and accepted. If there is a part that has noise, repeat the movement to determine the specific location of the sound and mark it. In this case, you can ask to remove the resurfacing.

Fourth, wood plastic floor should be controlled at about 12% moisture content

The keel with high moisture content will shrink in volume during the natural drying of the wood, causing looseness. Whether the floor is deformed or warped, the acceptance method is to use a 2 meter long ruler, leaning against the wood plastic floor and the flatness shouldn’t exceed 3 mm. Sometimes we find that the floor is partially arched: if it is a solid wood floor, it is because it is too tight or the wood floor of water content is too low.

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