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Along “One Belt One Road” Wood Plastic Continue To Be Eco-Friendly

Friday, March 30, 2018


How to develop wood plastic in “One Belt One Road”

“The implementation of the national ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative has added confidence to us in opening up overseas markets. It has also broadened the ‘new thinking’ of the company’s development.”  Our company’s foreign trade market development is along the “Belt and Road “From Thailand to Saudi Arabia, from Greece to Poland, from Germany to France, and even across the United Kingdom.” By doing this, our wood plastic materials through this way to let more people know and use eco-friendly wood plastic materials to protect living environment.

Why we want recycled wood plastic

Wood plastic products which are made of wood plastic materials are alternative to the future of wood and can be completely recycled. After crushing and high-temperature processing, wood plastic materials are re-extruded into new products such like wood plastic decking,wood plastic fence,wood plastic wall panel and so on. Therefore, they are very environmentally friendly and are very popular in the international market. ”

How we make wood plastic be a fashion trend

In fact, American companies have always occupied a large share of the international wood plastic market. However, Shanghai Seven Trust Industry Co., Ltd. chose a “halfway” transformation company but did not fear the barriers of technology and market. Extruders, pelletizers and other equipment on the cable can be used for wood plastic production. The key technical problem at that time was that there was no ready-made wood plastic production formula. It took the company more than one year to try thousands of barrels of raw materials, and finally came up with its own product parameters with wood plastic materials

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