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Confirm Your Eyes, Love This Floor Color

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

confirm-your-eyes, love-this-floor-colorSpring came and it was time for the owners to renovate. So for the owners who decorate the wood plastic floor, how should this floor be chosen? This is a bit difficult. The following descriptions will tell you how to choose the color of the wood plastic floor.

The wood plastic floor colors’s trend in 2018

The trend of 2018 wood plastic floor colors is sure to be a timeless classic gray. After many years of change, gray has always ranked first in the popularity of wood plastic floor, especially in the Scandinavian style of today. The key is that its dirt resistance advantage is too great. 2018 wood plastic floor‘s color trends also have be made in the gold, mainly because of the partial color of the gold wood, not only to maintain the original appearance of the wood plastic floor but also improve the overall brightness of the furniture and quite stylish. The dark brown color is the largest dark horse in 2018, with a low-key connotation, a calm temperament and a charismatic visual enjoyment.

How to match the color of wood plastic floor:

1.Match the overall brightness of the room

If the room lacks enough light, you should choose light-colored and natural-colored wood floors. It is recommended to use golden wood plastic floor to avoid the feeling of depression in the room.

2.Match room area

Small size: You can choose light-colored wood plastic floor which will make the space even bigger. Light gray and gold are good choices.

3.Matching space

Different spaces, suitable for different floor colors. For example, if the wood plastic floor be used in the bedroom, you can choose light-colored, people feel quiet, warm, especially the children’s room, and then with some cute furnishings, it will feel more harmonious.

4.Match wall color

If the home is a large white wall, do not choose wood plastic floors that are too light or too light. First, it is difficult to maintain. Second, it is easy to hit the walls and color. You can pick better wood tones and make people feel more relaxed and leisure.

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