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Home Industry Breaks Development With Zero Mentality

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


The changes in home industry

The changing needs of consumers have caused the home market’s market environment to constantly change. However, the home industry as a whole has entered a low-profit stage and many home companies want to take advantage of transformation and upgrading to break through this dilemma. However, the risk of transition is much larger than expected and it is easy to be eliminated by the market.

The current situation of home industry

The situation of the entire home business competition is already very clear. It is the external economic changes and trends. It is closely related to the development of the consumer goods industry such as home furnishing. It is changeable, difficult and complicated. Only by taking advantage of the trend can we develop against the trend. In the traditional sense, the development of the home industry and the development of large-scale blowouts have basically been completed. Next, we must welcome a new round of self-defense and self-detonation. The change has really begun. The major domestic brands are fighting against bayonet and muscles.So the wood plastic products occurs and be eco-friendly to our living environment,such as wood plastic floor,wood plastic fence,wood plastic wall panel and so on.

Why home industry in fast speed of development

Judging from the speed of development, the industry as a whole has entered a low-growth channel and even a stagnant channel. Although some large companies can maintain double-digit growth, it is difficult for the entire industry to regain the momentum of the past few years. Judging from the competitive means, a single price war or a sales promotion war isn’t enough to change and promote the transformation of the industry and the stimulation of consumer demand. From the view of consumer demand, the appetite of consumers in the entire market is more diversified and subdivided and also face new adjustments. All homeowners must then come up with a “zeroing mentality” and stand at a new starting point, re-learn to operate, re-understand the market and users, and start a new battle and departure.

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