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Outdoor Floor Purchase To Prevent Confusion

Monday, April 9, 2018

outdoor-floor-purchase-to-prevent-confusionWood plastic is also known as “wood plastic composite material”, as the name implies, can be understood as a material mainly used for plastic as a substitute for wood, its large number of applications can save a lot of natural wood, and help protect the ecological environment. Due to the composition of natural fibers, Wood plastic floor also has better UV performance and lower thermal expansion and contraction.

1.The merits of wood plastic floor

It has the characteristics of less cracking, mildew, more environmental protection and longer service life than the anticorrosive wood. The wood plastic floor is suitable for use under harsh outdoor conditions. Compared with logs, the stability of wood plastic materials is better, with the advantages of easy installation and no paint coloring. In appearance, because the surface has a simulated wooden texture and color, it has become an eco-friendly alternative to logs.

2.The demerits of wood plastic floor

Although wood is visually approximated, it is difficult to achieve the natural qualities and feel of wood, such as monotonous texture, single color, and unnaturalness. And it isn’t easy to process relative to wood and it can’t be processed as needed. Therefore, its aesthetic performance is further affected.

3.Decoration Tips

When using wood plastic floor, two key points must be taken care of: The first is strictly in accordance with the span requirements set by the manufacturers, because the wood plastic material has greater creep than wood, excessive span will cause security risks. The second is to take into account drainage, cleaning and slight thermal expansion and contraction. When wood plastic materials are used for floors, wallboards, fence and etc. There must be a proper gap between edge-to-edge and head-to-head.

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