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Plastic Wood Exterior Wall Board

Sunday, April 8, 2018

For the plastic wood exterior wall board industry, the past decade has been the birth and rapid growth of the entire industry, and in the next 10 years, what will happen to the plastic-wood exterior wall board industry? Through data analysis,the future development trend of wood wall board industry.

plastic wood exterior wall board

Demand-individualization trend: Seven Trust plastic wood exterior wall boards supply different countries and markets to provide different product types. In Europe or hot African countries. Plastic wood exterior wall boards have been widely used. Currently we have different colors and sizes can be choice for consumer , we provide personalized service and customize according to user’s needs.

Market extension trend: Plastic wood exterior wall boards expand the market in all directions. At present, New Zealand, UK, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Canada and so on we have export wood plastic wall boards, and there are a series of follow-up orders. Now consumers have higher and stricter requirements on the types, functions, and uses of plastic wood exterior wall boards, the degree of recognition of the brand is also increasing,plastic wood exterior wall board brand promotion to be a development trend.

Shanghai Seven Trust outdoor plastic wood wall board structure can effectively prevent heat conduction, reduce indoor temperature, The fire rating reaches B1. product lightening can also reduce the load on the building itself. greatly improve the user’s environmental comfort, visual beauty and safety! The superior toughness and nail holding power of the wood-plastic wood wall board, the lower density reduces the transportation cost, have great convenience for installation and construction.

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