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The Fashionable Designed Trend-Wood Plastic Floor

Friday, March 16, 2018

the-fashionable-designed-trend-wood-plastic-floorWood plastic floor increases the safety factor of human living

In the international arena as the 21st century innovative science and technology of wood plastic floor, we will be living with healthy and comfortable, green, stylish, convenient decoration and put them together, emerge by the decoration business and the head of the welcome, as the interior decoration protagonist. WPC good performance, moisture and water, acid, tasteless, fungi, anti-static, moth-proof, paint, in line with human comfort. The floor to wood plastic as the main raw material, its fire-resistant and smoke density reached the national level B1 standards, with super flame retardant, increasing the safety factor of human living.

Wood plastic floor has the composite function of wood and plastic and also has the merits of empty core structure to reduce floor weight, noise and ventilation. It is timely removal of the floor of the water, so that the ground to keep dry. Wood plastic floor with a solid wood floor surface gloss, and color than solid wood floor. Waterproof,non-slip, durable and durable and suitable of wood plastic floor for any environment such as living rooms, kitchens, toilets, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, shopping malls, laboratories, bathing places, etc. As the consumer attaches importance to indoor environmental pollution, waterproof, formaldehyde-containing floor is not easy to maintain the maintenance of non-wear-resistant, easy to deformation, the installation of cumbersome solid wood flooring and become the new darling of home decoration materials.

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