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The Length Of Life Of The Integrated Wall Panel

Monday, April 16, 2018

the-length-of-life-of-the-integrated-wall-panelHow about the integrated wall panel

The length of life of the integrated wall panel is closely related to the material and installation and maintenance. The integrated wall panel is a new type of wall decoration material. In recent years, the home improvement market is very popular and popular among the public. The integrated wall panel is very environmentally friendly, and its service life is said to be very long lasting for many decades. However, many friends will question whether the integrated wall panel service life is really so long. What is the truth? In fact, the difference in integrated wall panel’s materials, and maintenance and installation methods will directly affect the service life of the integrated wall. Let’s see how to use can reach the manufacturer’s propaganda for decades of life.

Why we need the integrated wall panel

Currently, hot-selling integrated wall panel‘s materials in the market include aluminum alloy materials, plastic materials, and wood plastic materials of which aluminum alloy materials have the longest service life. Of course,the wood plastic wall panel is also as popular as the integrated wall panel.The aluminum alloy material composition and thickness are also different. For example, titanium magnesium alloy, this material has a good corrosion resistance and good plasticity and high strength, titanium magnesium alloy is often used in aviation. The thickness of ordinary 0.4-0.5MM on the market, and titanium magnesium alloy thickness of about 0.52MM, can greatly improve the service life of the integrated wall.

How we use the integrated wall panel

Some owners have installed integrated wall panels. After a few days, integrated wall panels have problems such as corner arching and cracking. In fact, this is because integrated wall panels have not been properly installed. In the installation method, the process of integrating the wall surface should adopt the buckle plate type, so that the problems such as the unevenness of the integrated wall panel’s surface and the cracking don’t occur in the processing, and the installation is faster.

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