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Timber Industry Prices Continue To Soar

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


The current situation of UK timber industry

At the International Conifers Conference held in Hamburg and at the London and Southeast Timber Trade Association meeting in Tunbridge Wells, representatives of the timber industry mentioned that the strong global demand for wood is creating a vibrant wood market. Timber prices and availability are also important issues in the UK timber trade.

Why we want wood plastic products in UK

Charles Hopping pointed out in a recent column in the Journal of Tropical Timber: There is a great deal of uncertainty in the UK’s timber industry. In the UK, Brexit and the depreciation of British pounds have affected the cost of raw materials. There is no consensus yet, and remind everyone not to expect overseas wood suppliers to bring any benefits. The Nordic region’s mills sell well, and Sweden has strong domestic demand in the long-term view of the best terms of trade. As supply is still tight, wood plastic products may also see greater price increases in the near future. So at this time, the wood plastic products occur in everyone’s view, such like WPC decking, WPC fence, WPC wall panel, WPC pavilion and so on wood plastic products which set off a wave of environmental protection.

How about timber industry in UK nowadays

From the “13th Five-Year Plan for Soil Environmental Monitoring,” and “Jing-Jin-Zi and surrounding areas 2017 Air Pollution Prevention and Control Work Plan” have been introduced the “environmental protection storm” in 2017 set off and covered 31 provinces across the country. Affected by policies, many small-scale wood enterprises faced rectification and even closure. As a result, the crisis in the raw materials for the furniture industry and the slow sales of capital products has faced crises, which have affected the entire industry ecosystem. Supply chain gap, part of the increase in the cost of timber, price instability. Affected by the policy, the timber industry has been severely hit, the speed of taking goods has been slow and some wood prices have suddenly risen and fell.

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