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Why People Favored In Wood Plastic Product

Monday, March 19, 2018

why-people-favored-in-wood-plastic-productPositioning of wood plastic products in the market

Wood plastic products are new darlings in the building materials industry and have only entered the market for more than 10 years. Due to the high technical barriers, large investment, and high technological content of the industry, currently there are no more than 20 domestic manufacturers. At present, wood plastic products belong to medium and high-end products in the industry. After the 80s, they gradually became the main force of consumption. In the decoration, they liked to create new products and individualized products. Of course, the most important thing was environmental protection. The wood plastic products are just in the world of environmental protection and are more likely to be favored by these customers.

What about wood plastic 

With the development of reform and opening up, the home decoration industry of wood plastic product has experienced two development peaks around the 1990s and 2003. Since 2013, the demand for secondary renovations has increased significantly; According to statistics, the number of secondary renovations has exceeded 10% in 2014; It is expected to enter the peak period of secondary renovation in 2016 and it is possible that More than 30% of the total.

How we use wood plastic

Although real estate has reached the ceiling stage in most areas of China, the home decorating industry is not completely accompanied by the real estate industry, and the decorating industry will usher in a new round of boom to the “rapid development of the second renovation”. The characteristics of the second-decoration decoration are different from the one-off decoration, in which the fast, economical and eco-friendly decoration recognition is the strong appeal of the second decoration, and the wood plastic material can fully exert its hugeness with its unique and excellent material characteristics effect.


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