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Exterior Wood Plastic Wall Panel

Monday, April 16, 2018

Because of its own advantages, wood plastic materials have been widely used in recent years. The following will introduce the production of exterior wood plastic wall panel: First of all, in general, setting and cooling are needed at the same time in production, sheets are extruded and sometimes extruded through a pair of rollers. then, after the wood plastic wall panel is extruded in the extruder die, it should be immediately cooled and shaped to prevent the profile from deforming, sagging or ...

The Length Of Life Of The Integrated Wall Panel

Monday, April 16, 2018

How about the integrated wall panel The length of life of the integrated wall panel is closely related to the material and installation and maintenance. The integrated wall panel is a new type of wall decoration material. In recent years, the home improvement market is very popular and popular among the public. The integrated wall panel is very environmentally friendly, and its service life is said to be very long lasting for many decades. However, many friends will question whether the integra ...

How To Maintain The Wood Plastic Floor In Autumn

Monday, April 16, 2018

Throughout the year, autumn is the easiest to “dry,” and the weather in the fall is dry. The same is true for wood plastic floor, and the surface is prone to dry and chapped. So how do we maintain wood plastic floors in the fall? 1.Autumn waxing floor moisturizer According to tests conducted by relevant state departments, the cracks in the living room floor are rich in organic matter and are warm and moist. It is easy to become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. The crack ...

Environmentally Friendly Wood Plastic Materials

Friday, April 13, 2018

Wide Application Of Environmentally Friendly Wood Plastic Materials Environmental friendly wood plastic materials, but in the use of performance, is better than wood products, it waterproof, moisture, pest control, termite resistance, high environmental protection, no pollution, can be recycled and other advantages. Its main purpose is to replace the application of wood or plastic in various fields, of which the most widely used is in construction products, such as outdoor wood plastic floorin ...

Composite Wood Floor

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Many friends will consider the use of wood floors to decorate the home decoration. Composite wood flooring is cheaper and more durable than solid wood floor, becoming the preferred choice for most homeowners. However, there are three floors, five floors of composite wood floors on the market, but how to select the right composite wood floor to your home? 1.Substrate: The three-layer composite floor is made of three layers of solid wood veneer. The substrate of multi-layer parquet is actually ou ...

Floor Can Be Freestyle

Thursday, April 12, 2018

How about the wood plastic floor be freestyle Freestyle generally refers to improvisation, casual, casual play. For example, in the Hip hop rap, it means impromptu rap. The so-called Freestyle should be a representation of a state of life. It is free, unrestrained and be full of imagination and charm. It is not limited to hip hop, street basketball, and freestyle can be found in your life, home, or even on the wood plastic floor! Can wood plastic floor color come to be freestyle? People who pay ...