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Solid Composite Decking

Aplications of WPC solid decking

The WPC decking can replace wooden decking and wood preservative decking to be long-time used in outdoor, port, dock, seaside, wetlands, water platform, park roads, and many other landscaping and municipal projects.

We have different color can be option,We can customize different colors and sizes according to customer requirements

SIZE: 150X25MM

SIZE: 150X25MM

SIZE: 140X23MM

SIZE: 146X30MM

WPC decking is a kind of new eco-friendly landscaping material which is produced under high temperature and pressure from the mixture of HDPE and wood fiber.

Applications of WPC solid decking

The WPC decking can replace wooden decking and wood preservative decking to be long-time used in outdoor, port, dock, seaside, wetlands, water platform, park roads, and many other landscaping and municipal projects.

Advantages of WPC solid decking

Physical characteristics: high strength, high hardness, anti-skidding, abrasion resistance, insects resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, inflammation resistance anti-cracking, anti-aging, anti-static electricity and anti-UV, insulation, thermal insulation, bearing - 40℃ to 60℃ temperature, life time can be 3 times of that of ordinary wood materials.
Environmental performance: non-toxic substances, non-dangerous chemical composition, no preservatives , no harmful substances like formaldehyde, benzene etc.. It will not cause air pollution or environmental pollution, which can be 100% recycled, re-processed and biodegradable.
Appearance: looks like wood but more stable than wood because there are not wood knots, crackles, bending or deformation. It can be made into different colors which will not fade. The surface doesn't need to be painted.
Processing performance: can be re-processed, sawed, planned, glued, and fixed with nail or screw. It is easy and convenient to be installed. Through normal practices, it can be processed into many kinds of products, widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration in municipal garden, construction, sports stadiums, private courtyard, etc.

Installation Instructions Of WPC Solid Decking

1. Before installing the joist, make sure the ground is flat and solid so that the joist can be fastened tightly on the ground. Then dig holes with percussion drill in the deck area and bury the plastic tube into the holes.
2. Take the buried expansion tube as center, put the joist stably on the center line, pierce the joist with pistol drill and nail the screw into the expansion tube.
3. Nail the expansion screw into the top of the vertical joint of two joists.
4. Put flat the deck along the vertical direction of joists, the ending deck can be fixed on the joist with screw to make sure the accuracy of it being the base floor for other decks.
5. Install clips on the other side of the first deck, and start installing decks in order.
6. Install 2 joists in the longitudinal joint of two decks.
7. To avoid possible deformation caused by temperature change, joists can not be tied too closely.
8. Outside the last deck, use the same installation method as that of the first deck, install edge seal and terminal sealing board.

Ask: Can WPC be painted or stained?
Answer: Painting and staining is not recommended for WPC; however, if required, use a proper high quality primer and paint only on the brushed surface. Do not use paint or stain on surfaces of high traffic areas.

Ask: Will WPC decking rot or decay like wood?
Answer: WPC has been extensively tested under hostile accelerated aging conditions by outside laboratories. It is warranted to resist rot and fungal decay when properly installed and maintained.

Ask: Can WPC be used by the sea?
Answer: WPC is ideal in a marine environment, being unaffected by salt air.

Ask: Is the WPC made of recycled material?
Answer: Yes. WPC is the use of recycled plastic and waste wood/bamboo powder or rice chaff and other natural plant fiber processing as raw materials.

Ask: How to deal with WPC, whether need special tools?
Answer: The WPC is as easy to process as wood, and is even easier in some respects. Only need to use ordinary wood processing tools can be cut, drilling and other treatment.


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