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Synthetic Teak Deck Project in France

Monday, March 19, 2018

DATE: 2016.09

Client: Mr. Aung

Country: France

Product: Synthetic Teak Deck

Mr. Aung used to install the natural teak deck on his boats and he has been trying to find a replacement of natural teak since it’s too expensive and heavy.

synthetic teak deck project in France

Then Mr. Aung found us on Alibaba. We introduced our synthetic teak deck to him and sent him some samples. He was excited when he saw our samples! “It is amazing”, he said, “why didn’t I see this product earlier? This can be a revolution to natural teak era!” He tried some 100 sq.m of our deck on his first boat, and the work looked very well.

synthetic teak deck project in France

Our deck looks exactly like natural teak and works the same way as natural teak but cost only half the price of natural teak deck.

Now Mr. Aung is trying our deck on more of his boats, and he is also introducing our product to his local market.

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